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What's New in OpenCart 3.1? What should you expect in coming era?

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What is New in OpenCart 3.1 Version: 

The OpenCart 3.1 would be a whole new for the OpenCart developers and Store Owners. It seems to be a power pack of huge changes. We are going to elaborate some for the benefits of our valuable readers.

OpenCart 3.1 encorporates Twig template engine:

OpenCart 3.0 was a major update that included Twig template instead of PHP simple .tpl files and the whole OpenCart was made to use the new templating  engine Twig.

Installation of Plugins from inside of Admin Panel:

While testing the OpenCart 3.1 alpha version in it is observed that users can now  search and install any plugin within admin panel just like WordPress plugins. So this is something new in OpenCart 3.1 version, however we were not able to install a particular plugin yet but i think when the 3.1 version will be finally launched, there will be many plugins in the marketplace capable of being  successfully installed from admin panel and user will be able to enjoy this feature. This would be  a major update in 3.1 version.

Adoption of Bootstrap 4 for better device compatibility:

Another major update in OpenCart 3.1 version is adoption of Bootstrap 4. In OpenCart 2X versions and as well as 3.0 version were based on bootstrap 3.2.  However, the look and feel (Front End) remains the  same as version 3.0,  The (Code end/ Developers end) which will be based on HTML 5  structure alongwith some features bootstrap 4.  As a result it will able to offer better device compatibility, as bootstrap 4 offers great device compatibility.

Beauty enhancement with Font Awesome 5:

The third major update in OpenCart 3.1 Version, is the integration or utilization of  Font Awesome version 5 in OpenCart 3.1 version. Font Awesome is a library of icons and its being used all over the world and its very much popular of the enhancement of look and feel of your website. The latest version of Font Awesome has more icons and this make the OpenCart more user friendly and will make the user experience better.

Overall effect of OpenCart 3.1 on OpenCart community:

In the light of the above discussion about whats new in OpenCart 3.1, now we can foresee the effects of OpenCart 3.1 on OpenCart community and that's what you should expect in coming era, which would be that the  themes and modules which were earlier based on Bootstrap 3, will have to be rebuild on bootstrap 4, and a new generation of themes and plugins would evolve in the OpenCart Marketplace, and  there will be a complete new set of plugins and themes. The developers might not be easily able to update the previous themes or modules, but with a short time lapse we will get the updates of previous themes and plugins. In Short, a whole new marketplace is going to emerge  and you will get more themes and plugins for the latest OpenCart 3.1 version.


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